On Crotchety Old Ladies

Old ladies seem to know what really matters in life. My soul age is 87, so I consider myself “getting there” when it comes to old lady wisdom.

But the thing I’m realizing on my way up is that the closer I get, the less I seem to give a shit about what anyone else thinks about it.

Yes, I know. The crotchety old lady cometh.

But here’s the thing: Its not that I don’t care about anyone else, its just that I FINALLY care about myself enough for that to matter more. 

I think that might be the secret to that leveled-up-old-lady-wisdom: realizing your own worth.

I’ve stopped apologizing. And on paper, that sounds pretty rude, but hear me out on this:

I’m not sorry for your feelings in response to something I said. So instead, I’ll thank you for taking ownership of your own reactions.

I’m not sorry that it took me a while to get back to you because I was respecting my own time. So instead, I’ll thank you for your patience.

I’m not sorry for enforcing a shop policy that you don’t agree with. So instead, I’ll thank you for understanding.

I’m not sorry for sharing an opinion that you disagree with. So instead, I’ll thank you for respecting me enough to consider my perspective.

To be clear, if I am blatantly reckless in my words or behavior, I AM sorry for that. Words are powerful, especially in a position of influence, and I take full ownership of them for better or worse, but I am officially done catering to others’ feelings at the expense of my own.

So if you need me, I’ll be over here wrapped up in my favorite old lady blanket, reading my favorite old lady book. And not apologizing.





2 thoughts on “On Crotchety Old Ladies

  1. For a long time now, I.ve considered you my “soul mate”. 😂🤣

    Why is it that I “got this, right away” ❤️❤️

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Heading to PT, but before I forget: this came when I needed to read it. Something happened to me over last weekend. Just don’t have time to explain right now, but (so dang minor compared to world problems and sicknesses). I haven’t been able to get past it, and bring it to the point of “laughing about it”……..that will come…..instead of a situation making me anxious, depressed, furious, eating me up, I.ve learned to put a spin on it, and laugh.

    Anyways, my cousin, Gloria, called me last night from Ohio, and one of my dearest I travel with. Just thru “words”, she knew something had to have happened last weekend. After a rare two hour phone call, we were laughing about it. It was the most disrespected thing that has happened to me, in a very long time. At the end, after she allowed me to get it all OUT, between the laughs, I told her “I THINK I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG ERA” 😂😂😂

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