If You See Something, Say Something

The scene: Your typical online mommy group. A well-meaning Mama posts that her friend/cousin/sister/stranger has posted a link/picture/status that they are letting their kid do [insert controversial yet potentially dangerous parenting topic here] and asks “Should I say something!?”

The moms respond with a resounding: “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.” “She probably already knows the risks.” “Its not worth losing her friendship.”

I’m sorry- It’s not worth losing her friendship?!

Have we really created a society of people who are so easily offended that we would rather risk the well-being of a child than bruising an adult’s ego?

Sorry, not sorry, but non-action is not a valid option when it comes to my kids’ safety. Say something. Share something. Speak up. For God’s sake, offend me for the sake of my children.


Talk to me mother to mother. Global citizen to global citizen. Maybe I know the risks of what I’m doing and have made a conscious decision to proceed anyway. But what if I don’t? What if I’m just on auto-pilot? What if I’ve never been taught any better? There’s so much I still have to learn, so offer me a different perspective. Don’t belittle or berate me. Respectfully share with me.

The only thing we can do as mothers is make the best decision for our own families and be confident in that decision. If a fellow mama gives me advice and I dismiss her as a friend because of it, then shame on me. If I’m confident in my stance on something, it shouldn’t matter, and if I’m not, I’ll be grateful for the insight and education. I would rather roll my eyes for hearing something I’ve heard ten times before than look back with regret wishing that just one person would have been brave enough to teach me better.

I need the help of my village to raise these kids, but what if my village’s ego is too delicate to play their role?


2 thoughts on “If You See Something, Say Something

  1. You are so right Amber. It’s way better to say something to someone then not and regret it later! I have seen a few of your eye rolls in your lifetime. Lol. Love ya

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