An Ode to the Six Week Checkup

For My Husband: On The Eve of My 6 Week Postpartum Visit

My appointment is tomorrow. Should I even let you know?
We’ve been through this recently, not so very long ago.

I know you’ve been real “patient”, since I’ve been off limits for six weeks,
You remind me of this often as I roll my eyes and bite my cheek.

If you could, I’m sure you’d stomp your feet and scream “this isn’t fair!”
But trust me when I tell you, things still just aren’t the same down there

Somehow you think I’m sexy, covered in sweat and sour spit,
And you just can’t get enough of me in this two day old outfit.

So you’ve been counting down the minutes, while I’ve been stocking up on lube
In-between these blurry days of blowout diapers and leaky boobs.

I’m sure you understand that while I love you very much,
I can’t control my current reflex to slap away your every touch.

I love how much you want to love me and I swear eventually I’ll bite,
But you’re gonna need to keep your damn hands to yourself for one more night.


2 thoughts on “An Ode to the Six Week Checkup

  1. So darn funny. 😂😂. You say things, and share, what all women think. You are an amazing WOMEN

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